10/10 would read. 

So true

before my friends arrived, i was chatting with my neighbor and she told me how odd it is to have so many bitches in CEU hahaha and then we compared people from different walks of life…

before making a final conclusion, when my friends arrived, I noticed those things too

I really am not used to comparing stuff but this thing really had  reasonable and distinct differences.

Sooooo, people who are not well-off are the ones who brag a lot and those who are rich are the ones who stay grounded. I don’t know if this applies to all, but this is what I’ve observed in my circle of friends and other acquaintances, both in high school and in college.

PUP acquaintances be like

"I’m a CSC officer" "I have a new phone" "New clothes… Again!" "Shakey’s! Starbucks!" lol wat ebs ppl

high school friends be like

Derf: Ayan na si Sergie nakakotse
Sergie: *pagkaupo sa table namin, smile lang*

Us: Picture!
Telle: Kay Charm na lang, may iPhone 5 yan e.
Charm: *smile lang*

Charm: Dala mo kotse mo?
Derf: Oo.
Charm: Tara!
Derf: *parang ayaw pumunta sa malayo* medyo bangag din ako eh pero sige

Ugh nakakaasar lang. I’ve spent some time in PUP and I”ve really seen a lot of pasikat people and people who feel like they should be superior because they have “stuff”

I just love my high school friends so much. Still got ‘em values. And always a good time with them. I hope they don’t change :)

Don’t declare what you have. If you’re good enough, people will notice you for what you’re worth of.

"You call that a glow stick?" 

the best time of the day

is the time before we part

when your lips touch my forehead

slowly and lightly

it is worth the anticipation

for another day to end

they say goodbyes are ugly

for us it’s a different story

For the record, this is my first time ever to watch a TV series with lots of plot twists.

I like how Mi Do tried to escape from Tae Sang several times to be free with Jae Hee and, yet, things between Jae Hee and Mi Do also didn’t work out. It only shows that people change and feelings change. Today, you might like another person, but tomorrow, you might come upon a realization that whom your heart truly desires is the one whom you were with before. 

Storge and deeply-rooted platonic love is also very evident in the series. It’s so nice to almost offer your life to someone whom you’re not biologically related with. I also like the significance of the different symbols in the series, such as the bookstore, Golden Tree’s veranda, and the blackboard.

Well, this one will really be instilled in my mind, since it’s the first Koreanovela that I ever completed. 

How vain can life and love be? 

It is such a disgrace to possess an obvious potential and ignore it.

I like the arts. Yes. I am in deep awe of it. I love staring t paintings, sketches, installations, and everything that involves visual arts.

It is such a shame that I’ve stopped expressing through art, therefore, I resolve to get back to it this summer. 

A friend once said that it’s fine if you don’t get to finish an artwork quickly. What’s important is you always have a work in progress. Must keep that in mind! =))

"I act scary but, most of the time, I’m scared."

So I was watching this HELL (in a good way) of a movie earlier…

I was so intrigued by who Irving was. I was asking myself who could the actor be and praising him in my mind for being with big-time actors along with him. So, I told myself that I would wait until the movie ends to see the name of the protagonist.

To my surprise, when the credit roll was up, I saw the name “Christian Bale” LOL I simply couldn’t believe that it was him. I ad to look it up again to check if I was seeing the right name aligned with the right character. And yes, Christian Bale is the fat guy!

Okay… I was so weird how I had to go back to the movie’s first scene to see again a flabby tummy of a used-to-be hunk actor. 

Well, anyway, if the weight gain is only for the role… what the heck. I would be excitedly anticipating for the guy’s hot bod. Your versatility makes me love you more, honey!


I am fond of writing, but when it comes to this, words don’t seem enough. This is the kind of feeling where no explanation is needed. Whenever I force myself to caption our pictures, nothing good comes up. Maybe it’s really like this, where everything is just what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Living in the moment, baby.

oh dear lord save me from the sin of lust